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Thread uses our years of classroom and consulting experience to help organizations focus on their goals and find ways to strategically intersect with the goals of classroom teachers.


We assess and suggest ways to better:

  • Provide rich and focused educational materials and experiences

  • Align educational programs and experiences with current educational standards

  • Streamline and revise existing educational programs to meet current needs of schools

  • Look at the essential goals or "big picture" view of the educational programs to determine ways to more meaningfully connect to teachers and students

  • Search for opportunities to collaborate with other organizations doing similar work



Thread creates high quality curricular materials for a variety of organizations and age levels. The materials we create are:

  • focused

  • aligned to current educational standards

  • rich in their content and connection to other subject areas

  • interdisciplinary

  • collaborative


Our goal when creating curriculum, is to make meaningful connections between the content of the organization and the content students are learning in their classrooms.


Miscellaneous Design + Consulting

Our creative work spans a variety of domains.

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