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Curriculum Design

We create materials that are:

  • focused

  • aligned to current educational standards

  • rich in their content and connection to other subject areas

  • interdisciplinary

  • collaborative


We believe that when students encounter transferrable information - that is a concept or essential understanding which can be applied to more than one discipline - they are more likely to meaningfully digest that information and make it part of their permanent understanding.


On the other hand, if a student experiences information in isolation and does not connect it to anything else, they are likely to discard it.


Our goal when creating educational materials is to make meaningful connections between the content of the organization and the content students are learning in their classrooms.


While we look for every opportunity to connect across disciplines, we take a focused and systematic approach to choosing which connections make the most sense for the content and age level.

Examples of our Work

The following are some examples of the innovative programs we have been a part of creating. 

Words & Music: Teaching Literacy through Songwriting for Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum


Opera Student Guides for Opera Carolina

Teaching Fractions through Explorations of Rhythm 

for pARTnership CMS

Reading Informational Texts through Dramatization 

for pARTnership CMS

Teaching Geometry through Dance

for pARTnership CMS

Building Number Sense through Explorations of Rhythm

for pARTnership CMS


We are happy to provide example documents of our work upon request.

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