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Hi, I'm Ariadne Zitsos, the artist behind Thread Florals. I have always found myself chasing beauty in myriad ways: music, watercolors, design, writing, teaching, and always flowers. It has long been my habit on walks to collect the little pieces of beauty I find along the way and to arrange them once home - a souvenir of the beauty outside to sit with me for a few days before fading back from where it came.


During Covid, we all needed some of that beauty in our lives. I had been working in education and the arts, first as a teacher and then as a curriculum writer, until Covid shut down both of my spaces of work. With three small kids I felt I still needed to contribute to our family budget in some way and I had always worked with flowers on the side, mostly as a hobby. So I decided to grow my hobby into a business and spread light and beauty where I could. 


I try to always follow my interest and curiosity, to be always growing, changing, evolving, improving, like the nature I so admire. And in that vein, after three years of putting out floral design work that I loved and was so proud of during a pandemic and the post-pandemic wedding rush, I decided to go back into my first love of education. I keep Thread Florals as a reminder that art and creativity are important outpourings of who we are as humans, and that ones path is not always straight. 

why thread? 

In the ancient Greek myth of Ariadne and Theseus, Ariadne gives Theseus a magic thread to lead him through a labyrinth and kill the Minotaur at the center. This magic thread has become a symbol for logic, thought, and creativity.


I believe that creativity is all about following a thread of a thought and seeing where it leads. I bring this belief to every aspect of my work, and lead others to do the same. I believe in the interconnecedtness of all domains, no subject lives in isolation. Like the labyrinth in the myth, everything is only part of a whole. 

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